The Cost of a Home Inspection

First, congratulations on having your offer accepted by the seller.  This is a happy time and one that could also be a little stressful.  I mean, this is probably one of, if not the largest investments you will ever make.  What’s next?

Let’s discuss the cost of an inspection.  One of the ways to help alleviate some stress with your purchase is to have a home inspection.  This could be part of a contingency in your offer or just peace of mind.

Home inspection prices can vary from location to location, property to property, and from inspector to inspector but it can generally run $300-600 on average.  Other services can also add to the cost, such as radon and water testing.  When compared to the cost of a home, an inspection is 0.2%.  Average home prices here in NH is around $320,000.

The upside to an inspection is the potential cost savings on home repairs.  If an inspector finds a problem or problems with the home, the repair costs could be in the thousands of dollars.  For example, the average roof replacement cost is around $7000.  The inspection report in this regard can be a very helpful tool in possible negotiations with the seller to address defects found in the home.

Although the cost of an inspection is small, the benefit could be more than just peace of mind.  The inspection cost could truly be viewed as an investment into the well-being of your home.

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Wood Destroying Insects Tips

Keeping your home safe from wood destroying insects is pretty simple but often overlooked.

Recently I was out back splitting wood for our fire pit.  It is a good workout if you are looking for a different exercise.

As the logs were split, two large carpenter ant nests were found.  This is not uncommon but points out the reason to keep your wood away from your house.  As a colony of ants or even termites establish a solid base they will venture out into new locations.  Often times this can be your house.

If you do have firewood for a fire pit or fireplace inside your home, be sure to keep it 10-15 feet away from your home.  The farther the better.

Secondly, only bring in the wood that you intend to burn that day or the next.  This will help keep your home free of wood destroying insects.

Here is a helpful link to understand the difference between carpenter ants and termites.

If you are in need of an insect/pest inspection, we can provide it.  Click here for info.

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